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Hi I'm Robin! Had an amazing time at Alt 2012 and loved meeting so many of you talented, beautiful people. I had a blast in SLC and hope to come back for 2013. I blog at and you can find me on Twitter and Pinterest @robinwithani. *Also, I work for Clever Girls Collective, a blogger network full of gals (and guys!) passionate about social media and sharing their experiences. We also strongly believe in compensation for bloggers. To find out more or to join, visit…

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Laura Parke

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hello! i am laura parke. this was my first year to attend Alt and i had a wonderful time meeting so many people!! you can find me at and on twitter @laura_parke

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It was great to meet so many of you at Alt 2012! This was my first year at Alt ~ I went by myself to celebrate my 40th Birthday. It wasn't Everest, but in my book Alt was waaayyy BETTER! I have been blogging 5 years at my hyggelig: ~ a lifestyle blog focused on active and creative pursuits that bring happiness to my everyday, and hopefully yours too. Only at Alt would someone call lil' ol' me a 'blogging veteran' and would 'the Pinterest guy' get a…

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Rachelle Francey

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Hi Alt! My name is Rachelle Francey I'm a blogger for a kids design blog called Kenziepoo and editor for La Petite Magazine. I am from the United States. My twitter url:!/Kenziepoo // // // ... 2nd year at Alt.

Deb Averett

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HELLO! I'm Deb Averett from Dose of Happy ( This was my second year at Alt and I can't wait for next year. I blog about fun activities that I do with my little ones. You can also find me on twitter and pinterest as debaverett. p.s. I cut my bangs at Alt so this is the only picture I have that is up to date. :)

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Hi Alt friends! I'm Capree Kimball, the color-loving, robot-obsessed, crazy art fiend behind MAIYA. You'll also find me contributing to Curbly and Wantist. This was my second year at Alt and I had a blast! There are always so many amazing people there, it makes me sad I couldn't talk to everyone--but that's what the Internet is for! If we didn't get a chance to meet, come say "hi" on Twitter. We're bound to be friends! MAIYA: CURBLY…

Warm Hot Chocolatefrom Warm Hot Chocolate

Weekend Top 5: Winter White

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Hi, I'm Julee. I'm a designer and blogger at, where I write about crafts, kids, parties and photography. This was my first year at ALT and I can't wait to go back. I'm @juleedyer on twitter / instagram / pinterest.

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Hello. I'm Trina from la la Lovely. ( My blog is where the lovely things land. I write regularly about design, decor, fashion, children and many other things that inspire. This was my 2nd year at ALT. You can find me on!/lalalovelythngs I'd love to meet you!

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Alt 2012

Hello! Meg Biram from MIMI+MEG I'm a blogger, artist, and consultant currently living in the DC area. 2nd year at ALT. Spoke on the Up & Coming Blogs panel this year. Tweet me and say hi: @meg_biram Check out my art at:

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Hi I'm Dayle. This year was my first time at Alt Summit. I had a great time and learned a lot. My blog is , it's about me and my crafty creative world. Please stop by and be inspired.

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6 ideas to help you manage your blog's social media - so useful!

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Greetings and salutations, new friends! I'm Wendy Townley, an Omaha-based writer, author, and blogger. It was great meeting so many of you at Alt Summit. I find tremendous joy in telling stories. (Maybe yours is next?) Read more at and in my first book, Nerdy Thirty ( See you soon! (P.S. I'm @wtownley on Twitter.)

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Well hello! I'm Kelly Lanza from Studio DIY, a DIY event blog celebrating handmade parties of all kinds! This was my first year at Alt and it was a great experience! Come say hello on twitter @StudioDIY or craft with me at!

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Paper Stitch

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Hi. I'm Brittni Mehlhoff and I'm the editor and founder of Paper & Stitch (a blog filled with inspiration for your DIY life & an online gallery for artists & makers). You can find me here and here

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Ashley Nelson

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2Nd Year

Hi! I'm Ashley Nelson from Impossibly Imperfect, this was my 2nd year at Alt & had an amazing time meeting so many of you. I am just starting out on my blog (, where I chat about almost everything and am an aspiring stylist. I live in NYC and you can catch up with me on the blog or tweet me @ashleynii Cheers! A