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From a man's rib...Came a woman

57 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Pinterest

The woman came from a mans rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved. inspirational-memes-other-bits

it is pretty interesting when people "know that God meant this for them" or "know that God wants them to do this or that."  And it usually goes right along with what they actually want.

Susan B Anthony - I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.

If this doesn't sound like a good idea, I don't know what is...

When I get old, my kids had better watch out. Payback is a.


Charlie Brown and Snoopy on gratitude! Be grateful for everything. A thankful is a happy

What I love most about my home is who I share it with

What I Love Most About My Home Is Who I Share It With. I so need to make this sign for my house!