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First known picture of Michael Phelps . A fast swimmer even early on!

Girl scouts have even broke the barrier of the no solicitor signs!

Welcome Girl Scouts, go away Door to Door Salesman! "Unless your selling Thin Mints, NO SOLICITING". This would be great for thehome front door on a small sign above the doorbell or on the glass door of a business.

DO THIS-Google this is just another reason I love you lol


Oh my gosh! This is so funny. I did it and it could not be any better. You go Chuck Norris.

Lolsotrue #165 If I still can't hear what you said after you repeated it 3 times, ill just laugh and hope it wasn't a question.

For real, 11 year olds with "it's complicated" as their relationship status?

when i hear stop - Google Search

When someone yells stop, I don't know if it's in the name of love, it's hammer time or if I should collaborate and listen. Funny saying / music humor

Hahahah dats true lol but still sad :( #missing haha

Oh, thank god! But the sad thing is, when I get older I will probably still say thank god I don't look like I did at

"@Brandy Combsallllllllll the time." Hahahaha I love how my best friend already knows what's up! Hahaha

"He's cute, I swear. Let me find a better picture. How many times have single ladies heard this from their friends trying to set them up on dates.

Tom always makes fun of me for hiding everything but my eyes under a blanket when we watch scary movies! Hahaha! :)

Why do we feel safe under blankets? It's not like a murderer will come in thinking "I'm gonna kill- ahh damn! She's under a blanket.