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I am so looking forward to his new album! Thrilled! #owlcity

YES.i often get told to turn my music down because people call my name about 12 times before I look up and realize there trying to get my attention... Lol no joke just happened.

This is the best thing I have ever read because it's the truth. I went to the concert and met two girls and loved them! Going to a One Direction concert was the best thing of my entire life. And I hope I'll be able to go again, because the feeling you have before, during and after are so addictive p!

you were my clarity i swear all alone in a daydream yeah there was magic in the air and you were right there beside me held down like an angel with no wings i wanna fly again i just can't get you off my mind so i'm gonna be up all night - "Up All Night" - Owl City

speed of love -- owl city MY FAVE SONG ON THE MIDSUMMA STATION BABY yea i got it :3

no bandom hate but this was hilarious i don't care what other people listen to just don't hate on my