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  • Cat Sweeny

    10 loved Rose but the Universe loved Donna

  • Onica Perez-Roman

    Doctor Who: 30 day challenge-day 2. One of my favorite companions is Donna Noble. She is so smart and so important. She has a sense of humor and attitude that just makes her so wonderful. She is snarky and witty , but also caring and kind. Donna was the best friend the Doctor could have asked for.

  • Avery Arnold

    Doctor Donna has probably overtaken Rose as my Favorite Companion!

  • Katie Neuman

    "This makes me sad. Rose is the Doctor's soulmate, but Donna was the best friend the Doctor could have asked for." ALL OF MY YES. The DoctorDonna forever. <3 <3

  • Amanda Choin

    Just saw this episode again... I cried... :'( Donna is my favorite of the doctors companions...

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