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No sew slip cover--probably looks like crap but could try it with an old sheet to see

Slipcover Trends and Styles

no sew slipcover is easy to do - quick camouflage for Luke's hideous-but-comfy hand-me-down chair from his late grandma.

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5 steps in turning a sheet into a couch cover (NO SEWING)

diy slipcover

The basic slipcover . pin wrong side of fabric out, form seams, trim, pin some more, remove and sew. (Preshrink fabric first!

DIY slipcover...helped a ton but i think my work is more extensive

Turning a House into a Home {creating beauty on a budget}: Let Me Slipcover into Something a Little More Comfortable

Contemporary couches like this one are easily covered with fabric and staples.

Can I Just Staple Fabric Over an Old Couch

Covering an old couch with fabric is one way to give it new life. You can make slipcovers and cushions, or, in some cases, you can simply staple fabric over the couch. The biggest factors to consider .

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25 Amazing Thrift Store Furniture Makeovers : And that means it& time for cleaning out cramped closets, wiping down dirty windows sills from a long winter, and brightening things up a bi.

How to make a couch slip

For that rediculous pleather couch you get stuck to everytime you wear shorts or that really ugly but comfy loveseat!

how to make a couch slipcover - perfect DIY project for the end of summer!

How to Make a Slipcover Part 2: Slipcover Reveal