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Love this fruits, best for cakes and pastries ingredients!

Kanela y Limón: Menú para el fin de semana

Brazo gitano navideño. Relleno de manzana, almendras y canela, crema pastelera blanca y colocar baño de color de azúcar roja, verde, blanca y guindas rojas y verdes.

Banana Caramel Swiss Roll but chocolate! (for mardi gras meet)

Chinese swiss rolls are the lighter, Asian-style variation on a more traditional swiss roll. This simple recipe is our take on this Chinese bakery classic.

i want to use up all my egg whites... i want a soft and healthy cake when you are a baker, you can do anything you want.. after all, only you will know what happen in the kitchen 我要将蛋白用光光。。 我要一个松软又...

The BEST Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Mousse Filling! My favorite chocolate cake recipe with dark choc mousse fillling and warm frosting poured on top! AMAZING! Recipe from TastesBetterFromS...