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How to Build a Farrowing Crate for a Hog | eHow.com

Build a Custom Chicken Coop with FREE Printable Plans from HGTV >> http://www.hgtvgardens.com/chickens/custom-chicken-coop-plans?soc=pinterest: Build a Custom Chicken Coop with FREE Printable Plans from HGTV >> http://www.hgtvgardens.com/chickens/custom-chicken-coop-plans?soc=pinterest

Why Do Hog Farmers Use Farrowing Crates - Nurse Loves Farmer

I want to plant hollyhocks around the coop!

Gestation & Farrowing crates

Canning 101. Gotta get momma to teach me how!

Building+Automatic+Hog+Feeder | Feeder Body and Cover Exploded View

Milk Crates as nesting boxes for chickens.

How to Breed Sows After Farrowing | eHow

Dog Cage Brooder

How to Butcher Your Own Homestead Hog (with videos!):

fence without digging holes | DIY Fence Post With No Digging | eHow

Pig equipment- Pig Farrowing crate with PVC Plank fence - China Pig equipment, LQ

Raising hogs

You Won't Believe What Pork Producers Do to Pregnant Pigs...Credit: Mother Jones

Farrowing hut

Common Breeds of Hogs. Swine, Hog, Pig Infographic.

How to Raise Pigs to Slaughter | eHow

pallet hog house, but could be used for many small animals.

Notes on farrowing. How to help, how not to. Tips on preparation.

Heritage Breed Hogs: An Introduction