Drawer inside a drawer

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Good idea!


2nd floor - Kitchen - Range wall - Under the range drawers (H2) - Alternate lower drawer storage for pots and lids w/ dividers

another great idea.

what a great idea

absolutely fabulous, wonderful, dream kitchen!

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pots and lids drawer--like the placement under the range

Susan Brook Interiors If you have a cooktop or range top, you can use the drawers in the cabinet below for storing your cookware. Make the bottom drawer deep enough to store your pots, with the corresponding lids stored in a shallower drawer above.

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Shallow drawer inside a deeper drawer - daily utensils on top w/ silver below or cooking implements on both levels

Kitchen ideas

rack for pot/pan lids mounted in cabinet, not on door.

2nd floor - Kitchen - Range wall - lower cabinet top drawers (E1-F1-G5) - Place utensils separated by use: silverware, cooking, serving, knives, etc - if not enough utensils/knives G5 can hold dish towels, pot holders, etc

Love this storage idea!!

idea for tile