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    Drawer inside a drawer

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    Drawer Dividers - Hardware

    2nd floor - Kitchen - Range wall - Under the range drawers (H2) - Alternate lower drawer storage for pots and lids w/ dividers


    pots and lids drawer--like the placement under the range

    Susan Brook Interiors If you have a cooktop or range top, you can use the drawers in the cabinet below for storing your cookware. Make the bottom drawer deep enough to store your pots, with the corresponding lids stored in a shallower drawer above.

    Kitchen drawers

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    What a great drawer!

    2nd floor - Kitchen - Range wall - lower cabinet top drawers (E1-F1-G5) - Place utensils separated by use: silverware, cooking, serving, knives, etc - if not enough utensils/knives G5 can hold dish towels, pot holders, etc

    Bed in a Drawer.

    2nd floor - Kitchen - Oven wall - vertical storage under built-in ovens & next to oven (B2-C6) - muffin tins, cake pans, pie pans, other baking dishes & cookie sheets, large cutting boards, drying racks, casserole dishes, pizza stone, etc

    4 of 28 Smooth Operations Deep drawers under the cooktop are designed to accommodate large pots with their lids in place. The drawer glides open easily, even when fully loaded. Glass panels on the sides make it easy to see what's inside. The drawer fronts look like solid wood, but they are actually laminate

    Use a Tension Rod To keep pot lids from rattling around and getting lost in kitchen drawers, position a short tension rod to create a divider. Stack pots and pans in the larger section and lean lids against the rod on the smaller side.

    A Dura Supreme Shallow Roll-Out Tray in any drawer can add more storage and functionality to your kitchen by storing things like; lids, kitchen linens, oven mitts, cookie cutters, craft supplies, recipes, and much more.

    Bread drawer & lift out wood boxes - lower drawer storage

    2nd floor - Kitchen - Range wall - Lower drawers (J5-J6) - Plastic container storage w/ optional inserts

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