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  • Ellie Rodriguez

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  • Natalie Reynolds

    Pixie Hair cut

  • Brenna Tripodi

    Proper Pixie Cuts: Photo

  • Nancy Dennis

    Pixie haircut? @Chelsea Rose Rose Rose Rose Sionni

  • Cheryl Tarpy-Apel

    Take a little off the top! Easy to master and maintain, short hairstyles are cool, powerful, and they show that your are a strong and self-confident woman.

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Short hair...My length in October. Shortest I have EVER had it. It has almost all grown back already. Hubby wants me to do it again!!!! Hair is FUN, and I LOVE change,so We will see.

Short hair - haven't had my hair this short since high school! And it was a big mistake then - and my face is even MORE rounded now with the extra weight. But maybe it would look different with the layers and fluffed out like that? Or just a bad idea anyway, given my face shape; I've read that round faces shouldn't have hair right around the face like that, the length accentuates the shape.

Short hair and nice shirts. If only I had her neckline too. - short pixie hair, longer front

I like the back of it, but think this length of fringe would get in my eyes and annoy me. A little longer (where I can pin it back) might work better.

Pair a fun patterned dress with a cardigan and black tights to create an adorable look!

love this hair. Had this cut for a while and I Loved it. But, I gave in to that desire for longer hair. *sigh*

And then I suddenly realized that this is pretty much what I'd look like with a pixie haircut. Not bad, but I'd never be brave enough to chop that much off.