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I tried cooking with wine for the first time last night. After five glasses, I forgot why I was in the kitchen.

How Target works.

the (not-so-evil) eye.

I haven't had it yet,but glad to know it exists if it ever comes up.

hahaha this reminds me of my best friend in high school...she should have been an agent!

This reminds me of my Mother's advice to me when I married my first husband. "Cathy, drag the vaccum out onto the living room floor and just leave it in the middle of the floor, like you were interuppted. Kerry will think you have been vaccuming all day" Kerry fell for it... Unfortunatley Marko never has!!

There are a few people I would do this to.

Truer words were never spoken.

Or, maybe I should be posting this to "Things I can relate to"???

Sometimes I wish I was a bird....

This is more like "Note to self"