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Spreading awareness of Sanfilippo Disease. My second cousin's grandson has this fatal disease. Please Read & help if you can!

Headcanon: Nations can't get any fatal diseases or sicknesses. So smoking has no affect on them, and won't cause lung cancer.

How is it possible that high cholesterol causes fatal coronary heart disease if those whose cholesterol is higher live longer than those…

#goatvet recommends annual herd tests for chronic diseases such as CAE and Johne's disease and in USA these are the diseases commonly tested for. Australia has eradicated bovine TB & Brucellosis and one state is free from Johne's disease. There are good accreditation schemes for JD & CAE & a good vaccine for CLA.

I've actually had some dumbasses say this to me. I literally told them the statement above and they were speechless. I'm not going to sugar coat how I feel anymore and how my conditions affect my life.

50 Nursing Mnemonics and Acronyms (Nursing Assessment):

A Life Well Redfrom A Life Well Red

Rare & Fatal Kidney Disease Survivor ~ 16 Yr Old Taylor, Founder Of 'Be Brave Box'

Inspiring article about Taylor, a 16-year-old entrepeneur, who contracted a rare and fatal kidney disease in 2011. By turning adversity into opportunity, she launched ‘Be Brave Box’. Taylor now runs her own business designed to encourage and brighten the days of those living with & surviving chronic illness. This is a MUST READ! ♥♥♥ ~

[INFOGRAPHIC] Botulism in #horses - The toxins that cause this potentially fatal neurologic disease could be lurking in your horse's environment or hay. Learn how to recognize and prevent botulism with this visual guide, brought to you by and Plasvaac. #horses #horsehealth

Odysseyfrom Odyssey

One Girl's Battle With Her Mom's Fatal Disease


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I want a scene in Civil War where Scott Lang walks into Bruce and Tony's lab and just stares at Bruce and mouths, "Is that Bruce Banner?"