• Tressa Bishop

    Epstein's Department Store, Morristown NJ -- held my first official job here sticking greeting cards in the lower level in 1986.

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Deputy Dawg

Remember the cloak rooms ?

My Grandma had these glasses.

Spray Snow ~ I remember my mom using this on the windows

Vintage Glass Juicers

lady sunbeam shaver

Johnson's Baby Oil for tanning - remember?

Toy tin Cookware

To keep the bubbles in your soda, we did not have twist off tops!

We used to use these to cap large glass soda bottles in the sixties.

70s - Baton when they were metal not plastic.

Skrip ink--I remember these old ink bottles with small well making it easier to fill fountain pen.

Granny dresses

1970's Gunne Sax. Love it!

Dream Whip to boxed cake mixes, in place of oil called for. My mom has been a caterer/wedding cake baker for 35yrs and has always done this. Makes cakes soooo moist and fluffy! She prefers Kroger brand (Southern) dream whip

Because if they drop a nuclear bomb, hiding under that small wooden desk is totally going to make all the difference.

Ironing in front of the black and white

1963 Barbie Fashion Queen

1962 Barbie Booklet


IN a toy gun or with a hammer - remember the smell! Paper Roll Caps For Toy Guns 1960

Turtle bowl back in the day when little turtles could be kept as pets.

vintage church reminder, "we miss you when you're absent" postmarked 1959

my mom used them when hanging Daddy's work pants on the line, no ironing needed.

TV dinners looked like this when I was a kid. The whole thing was covered in foil.