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free book sign out sheet

Parent Communication Log

A creative and current way to get the students' attention and keep them up to date on things in the classroom, school, and/or community. -Jade Koeller

Birthday list for planning binder

Printable binder covers, inserts, calendars....these are SO cute!!!

Love this sign!

Classroom Freebies

FREE from I Love 2 Teach: Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class ... laminate these 24 cards and put on a metal ring by your classroom door. What a great way to keep your students listening and thinking!

Free Check off Sheet, 3 different designs

FREE Classroom Posters For Every Teacher, because we all teach Character Education! From Light Bulbs and Laughter.

Stop what you're doing. Walk over and hand this to a child instead of yelling across the classroom. FREE


I'm done! Now what? FREE PRINTABLES

Anti-bullying book list

Free printables! Great website

This is a Bright Ideas Symposium! for 146 more bright ideas, click the picture! No products, just ideas like using sheet protectors to file. Nothing falls out!

Do you loan out your own classroom library books to students to take home? Do some of them disappear? This app could be the answer!

Classroom Library Organization-book scanner app. creates a database of your books.

*FREE* Quick and easy notes to staple to unfinished work. Each note has a quick checklist, so that the teacher may note why the student has unfinished work. A blank has been provided for additional reasons/notes. Wish I had seen this earlier!!!

Easy Way to Organize Make Up Work - they print and attach this to late work, turn in as late work pass? Modify a bit....