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    free book sign out sheet

    A MUST have for your classroom library. It allows you to use your smart phone and scan the bar code on your classroom books and then inputs all of the info for you on a FREE database. It allows you to let kids scan out the books and check out and check in, separate them by reading levels and even put down their location in your class room. Did I mention that it's FREE!

    Free Resource! What is an effective way to get your students thinking at a deeper level? Let me share what works well for my students! Free Resource for your classroom! Rachel Lynette has my idea posted on her blog! 1. Lesson Plans for any book (2 pages) 2. List of Character Traits for student notebooks (2 pages) 3. Possible Themes poster or printable 4. Evidence Web 5. Critique Questions (2 pages) 6. Reasoning Web 7. Example questions 8. Book Response Reasoning Printable ROCKIN RESOURCES

    FREE!! The End of the DayJar is a great way to end the school day and wonderful for classroom management!

    FREE Teaching Resource - Take ACTION & Promote KINDNESS in the classroom! October is National Bullying Prevention Month!!!

    Parent Communication Log

    {FREE} pennant banner to brighten up your classroom!

    A creative and current way to get the students' attention and keep them up to date on things in the classroom, school, and/or community. -Jade Koeller

    Six Classroom Questions to start off the school year!

    FREE from I Love 2 Teach: Creative Ways to Line Up Your Class ... laminate these 24 cards and put on a metal ring by your classroom door. What a great way to keep your students listening and thinking!

    Love this sign! (Free)

    Students can fill this out after breaking a class rule. Students have to reflect on their behavior and how to fix it. It is also communication with parents.

    Birthday list for planning binder

    teaching-everydayisdifferent: ferrarisenglishworld: beckieteaches: novelnovice: My first day of school info sheet. Ignore the fact that I added the wrong school year 2 minutes ago. Edit: Here’s the Dropbox link. Download and customize at your leisure.  I have been looking for one of these!  Thankyouthankyou. Great activity for the first day of school! I made a Facebook template once…this is better. Facebook back to school template

    Classroom job board (I love that this is a little more mature!)

    A Readbox is a great way to spark student's interest in reading. Teachers can display various books at different reading levels that students can choose from. They can even incorporate QR codes that students can scan using an iPad to learn more about the book. Very visual and culturally relevant. ~Samantha Ruehl~

    I'm done! Now what? FREE PRINTABLES

    Exit Ticket

    Cute classroom newsletter templates for each month to match the calendar set. Personalized with your name and headings.

    Classroom Library Organization-book scanner app. creates a database of your books.

    27 Ways to be an Effective Classroom Teacher.