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so true. I will search for the original cover artwork book forever.

I thought I was the only one! I deliberately will go out of my way to buy the pre-movie cover. I literally REFUSE to buy a book with the movie cover.


"Reading gives us some place to go When we have to stay where we are . " - Mason Cooley 10 Quotes for the Ultimate Book Lover

Bookfessions #207: Character attachment. TOTALLY TRUE

I am a huge book nerd and these words couldn't hold any more truth to them. Reading is good for the mind and the soul. If there is time to watch TV, there is time to read a book :) SO TRUE ITS SAD!

Yep. Im the jerk loudly whispering THAT DIDNT HAPPEN IN THE BOOK. Same goes for musicals into movies.

And it's usually horribly wrong stuff. Things that should have been added or things that didn't even happen in the book that Hollywood deemed necessary. My husband hates that I do this.

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These Summer Reads Will Enhance Any Outing from the Beach Day to the Road Trip

No matter how much money I have, no matter how many times I tell myself I can't afford something, the moment I'm standing in front of a bookstore I find the money for one book....or maybe three.

thanks to Powells Bookstore, yes. :D my favorite store EVER.

Hate when this happens!

Problems of a book nerd.sometimes I get so excited about what is going to come next I cover the bottom of the page with my hand or a bookmark just so I won't be tempted! I've ruined many plot twists before I finally started doing this!

Yes that happened in throne of glass series

Finding out your mental pronunciation of a character's name is very, very wrong, and it hurts your ears to hear the "correction. "Hermione," anyone?