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  • Ani Hornberger

    so true . . . It's a Southern thang

  • Sydney Rissman

    Only southerners understand this. <3 Funny, but Oh, so true!!!

  • Ashlee Sparrow

    So true in Texas.... It's just weird. You'll only understand this if you're from the South. :)

  • C.

    Only southerners understand this.- we drink "pop" up where we live. A "soda" has ice cream in it. If the only soft drink on hand to drink is Dr. Pepper, there is nothing to drink.

  • Lara J

    It is a southern thing!! That just makes me laugh because it is so true. But when I say I want a coke.... I truly mean a coke. I don't like Dr. Pepper... Don't hate me Texas!

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