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      I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, I wear my heart on my Pinterest! Pinterest helps me collect and express all the things I love!

    • Paul ianni

      ❤❤ PINTEREST Is The BEST! ❤❤ I do wear my heart on my Pinterest when it comes to my book. It is all there to be seen. cheers Paul Ianni

    • Kiariah Tribble

      Yes I do. Let my Pinterest tell you that sitting behind a computer and watching my Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram like it's the news is beyond creepy. If you think we don't know you're watching us you're also stupid. You seriously have no life. It's funny how so many people have bitchy things to say about my life or the people in it when they don't even know me. I don't blog so you can stalk my life. I challenge you to find my Tumblr. Have fun with that ;)

    • Maddy Jack

      haha if you want to know about any area of my life just look at my pinterest! xD

    • Olivia Vepley

      If a stranger looked at my Pinterest it'd be equivalent to telling them my life

    • Jessica Cangiano

      So sweet (and true) <3 #Pinterest #humour #funny #love #heart


      #pinterest quote i whipped up :) by fsdsfds

    • Claudia Mia

      #pinterest quote

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    So true lol!

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    This Reminds Me of Me board is sort going from amusing to making me consider reevaluating my life. Yikes, the things I relate to.

    Pinning on Pinterest quote Man its almost 4 in the morning again I have got to quilt I almost need a 12 step program now Lol