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My dog, aka Isabel, would totally have this conversation with me via text...if she had thumbs with which she could type lol ;) She totally thinks she's Batdog!

This would be my dog if he had a cell phone LOL

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Texts from Dog - It's better

You've cheated on me?! Little bit. Textfromdog Tumblr

Being Nice To The Cat ... or maybe the order of shots is reversed? LOL Check more at

Guy has conversations with his dog via iPhone. Hilarious!! I could only imagine the conversations I could have with my dogs if this were possible...

If Your Dog Could Text You, What Would It Say? Text From Dog is Back! - I Love My Dog So Much

I love these texts from dog. Wish there weren't so many curse words, but the general message is hilarious!

An imagined text conversation between an owner and his dog. HAHAHAHA!