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(( Trommel Compost Sifter )) -- This Instructable shows how to build a trommel (rotary screen) for sifting compost or shredded leaves. The purpose of sifting is to separate coarse unfinished compost materials from the finished product or to separate out trash and debris from other organic materials before use in the garden.

Tumbling composter...i'm always unsure if composting is something i want to try or if the bugs and nature that come with it will gross me out

Compost sifter (trommel sifter) made of bicycle rims and hardware cloth.

Compost Sifter - because compost material decomposes at different rates

great idea for composting!

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trommel (There is a website giving away free gold or silver in one of the ads at www.goldshopper.org)

Wheelbarrow Sifter for Compost and Soil | Gardeners Edge

Learn how to make your own compost. This is simple to do, it is a frugal idea for your food scraps, and it gives your plants a very healthy soil in which to thrive.




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compost bag.

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