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    Jack quote, Will and Grace, I don't want to be an adult anymore. This is how I feel sometimes.

    this describes my highschool days. throw in a few "You're 14, it was a week... you weren't going to marry him" then it'd be perfect

    I don't like being alone quite that much, but I do value my alone time. I do, however, dislike being lonely.

    wow i feel dumb, I tried this twice in my head and came up with the wrong answer both times.

    Laughing so hard!!! Maybe harder because I read creatures of the night like it was rocky horror picture show LOL

    More like when my allergies are acting up...or every day of the year. Lol

    Nothing has ever described me better! Its either a gift or flaw. Ill say a gift

    I've lived here my entire life, surf, fish, kayak, swim, snorkel, paddle board etc and I still freak if I touch something under the water and then I book it!!