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Connect the Dots is a project of and partner organizations, to shine a spotlight on the connections between extreme weather and climate change. We’ll kick off the project with Climate Impacts Day on 5/5/12, when thousands of communities around the world come together to take action to Connect the Dots and call for urgent action to stop the climate crisis.

We asked people for their #climateopinion and created an Opiniongraphic featuring opinions on climate change that were collected via conversations on social media around the time that climate week was running. It includes commentary on climate change from The Secret Seed Society, Frontier Power, BritishEco Ltd and The Carbon Trust amongst others. What do you think about climate change?

Outfit: Act fast, Slow down, Stop climate change | Fashion Pearls of Wisdom

Elizabeth Warren took the floor of the Senate to speak on climate change and the importance of acting sooner rather than later. She spoke of the need to change the laws currently on the books which create roadblocks to entrepreneurs who would develop new sustainable energy technologies to replace the old technologies based on fossil fuels. At the same time, these laws block new developments by giving an unfair advantage to the old fossil fuel-based technology.

The True Cost gaat over het ware gezicht van fast fashion. Wat moet er veranderen? En wat kunnen wij eraan doen? Wij hopen dat dit project genoeg geld kan ophalen, om gefinancierd te worden!

"The Fashion Industry can be a change agent. We can change the way business is done." - Eileen Fisher #fashrev #EFVISION2020

Slow fashion farming and cultivating.

The TED (Textiles Environment Design) Resource at Chelsea College of Art & Design developed "TED's TEN" -sustainable strategies for textile & fashion designers >1. Minimise waste >2. Recycle/upcycle >3. Reduce chemical impacts >4. Reduce energy & water use >5. Explore clean/better technologies >6. Look at models from nature & history >7. Ethical production >8. Replace the need to consume > Dematerialise/develop systems & services >10. Design activism www.tedresearch.n...

One might imagine that, at age 70, fashion designer VIVIENNE WESTWOOD’s days shocking the bourgeoisie might be long over.......particularly as a doyenne of the fashion industry, is to make no attempt to hide the ravages of time upon your face, all the while dressing like you don’t give a tinker’s damn what the world thinks an “old lady” is supposed to look like. Because, of course, you don’t.