There are 3 tips to buy this shirt: blake lively gossip girl white silk blouse blue bag tank top serena van der woodsen pants bag top earphones.

I love this gray blazer worn by 'Serena' on Gossip Girl.

* Jay Ahr blazer * Stella McCartney sequin V-neck sweater tunic dress * Lanvin cutout leather pumps * Annalena bag * Mia Pezzi "Incantato" 18 carat rose and yellowe flower ring * Mia Pezzi "Incantato" 18 carat gold and diamond flower ring

When people tell me I look like her I am so HONORED

All grown up, Blake, graciously presents a professional but chic style with her black coat and slicked back hair.

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Blake Lively - camel coat w/ elbow patches, grey tights, grey scarf, ivory bag, turquoise pumps

Kleid Rundhals mit weißem Saum - schwarz 12.60

Kleid Rundhals mit weißem Saum - schwarz

Kate Moss mit trendy Pastell-Beinen