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  • Sharon

    2D hanging birdcage

  • Jenny Sometime

    birdcage pic

  • Marie-Pierre Gaudet

    2/21: Imagery: The people in the homestead are compared to prisoners. They are "the inmates of [Maiguru's] house" (153). They are under the rule of Babamukuru, and not free to do anything or leave the house without his permission. The image is a bird in a cage because Maiguru is compared to a bird. She should be able to have authority in the house, as she is a responsible, educated adult, but she is subdued and caged in her own prison of a home.

  • Your Home Magazine

    simple yet beautiful #birdcage #interiors #home #decoration #home #yourhomemagazine #birds #garden #indoors #outdoors

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Instead of guest book maybe place a bird cage and then have people sign in on old postcards and place them in the bird cage!

This beautiful antique birdcage certainly adds style to this room and provides a pretty fashionable living space for these fine feathered friends. cage...for males who disapprove of your shabby chicalicious decor...may be released upon realization of the fabulousity of shabby chicness.

Birdcages are beautiful centerpieces for a wedding. you can do so many things with them. add floral to them put silk birds in them you could fill them with vintage items like a clock, a piece of sheet music some ribbon. let your imagination run wild........

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