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J.K. Rowling’s wonderful imagination…

Their actually an error in facts about the wands. While basic wand lengths are proportional to wizard height obscure lengths such as Umbridges tiny wand are a reflection of the wizards fault in personalities. Umbridges was close-minded to an extremes point and thrush the short comings in her personality led to a greater shorting of her wand.

How to make your own Harry Potter wands. Oh. My. LANTA.

Harry Potter birthday invitations..,Maybe this year??? I'm turning 21 again...

Kids will be thrilled to ham it up as they get their shots snapped at this Azkaban Wanted Poster. #HarryPotter

Harry Potter Job Board...a bit elementary but I love the idea of a Dobby clean up reminder!

Some of these are... Contradictory to past facts and statements made by JK... Also, wtf, there's no one there could only be five other schools, as each school seems to have a blatant demographic they come from. Hogwarts, UK, Beaubaxtons, French, Durmstrange, Scandinavian/Russian/German. Five schools doesn't cover Asia, North America... Australia. Nope, this doesn't make since.

This is really great, love the mystery in each picture. And of course, I love the fact that "He Who Must Not Be Named" has a nose.... :p

This is awesome! now i have to make wands for the kids! Lets be honest, i'm making one for me too!! Wands - tutorial