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Most cats when they are Out want be In, and vice versa, and often simultaneously." --Carl Van Vechten

Pic reminds me of precious Tiger kitty when he was a kitten. RIP my beloved Tig!

orange tabbies make me smile! - different coloring than my Dodi, but I just love all little orangies. So much personality.

That face just says, dont think for a second Im going to come here just because you say it in a sweet voice

The domestic cat[1][2] (Felis catus[2] or Felis silvestris catus[4]) is a small, usually furry, domesticated, and carnivorous mammal. It is often called the housecat when kept as an indoor pet,[6] or simply the cat when there is no need to distinguish it from other felids and felines. Cats are often valued by humans for companionship and their ability to hunt vermin and household pests.#kittens

There always seems to be one in the group who HAS to try to swipe whatever the other cat has in it's bowl. :)