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Hahaha seriously so true.

hilarious - what your upstairs neighbors are actually doing when they're loud

Pretty much.

t swift's shake it off fits perfectly with this aerobic dance video from 1989

Comments left on Facebook photos...pretty funny stuff.

My favorite 2014 back to school commercial :)

Disney characters in modern clothing.


"Harry Potter" Characters Saying The Words To Taylor Swift’s "We Are Never Getting Back Together" Is Everything You Need

North vs South

I admit I get a small rush of joy when I open the dryer to find the clothes still damp. It's the like the dryer is procrastinating for me.

Guys With Fancy Lady Hair CAN'T STOP LAUGHING

Ryan Gosling Life Sized Body Pillow

This is beautiful! I will be keeping this for finals week!

shes the man

Curly hair problem

Curly Hair Problems

Hairy Wizard


Curly Hair Problems in Pictures..i have these problems too

The crazy cat lady motto

I love finals! Said no college student. Ever.

The 14 Creepiest Things Kids Have Said About Their “Imaginary Friends”