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Wrong! Totally wrong!

Stupid sharks, getting in the way all the time.

Wrong on so many levels!!!

Wrong, just wrong

please do not tell me that this was done on purpose...really?...what the hell is wrong with people?

Extreme bodybuilder

Walking my fish.

wrong, wrong, wrong

Gold fish bra :P

so her nails are freaky, but check out the guy's hair in the background. :)

Holy piercings! I think I found a match made in heaven for the guy with lots of these facial piercings!!!


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I hope who ever painted her nails donned a Hazmat suit... no telling what kind of germs are under and on those things...GROSS

I'm all for weird....but this is extreme!

Extreme Piercing Taken To A New Level (PHOTOS)......I bet he's a nice guy, but as my dad likes to say....different strokes.

Body Piercings: 12 Most Extreme Body Piercings - ODDEE

My Eyes! My Eyes!

Nope Vs Nope | Click the link to view full image and description : )

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