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Good design makes a product understandable


product understandable





so simple

graphic design

poster design

vintage poster

design illustration

book covers

book cover design


graphic design

demian conrad

design poster

typography graphicdesign

design typography

conrad design

typographic poster

Morey Talmor – Graphic Design | A NIGHTMARE TRIP TO HELL

graphic design

design inspiration

le deesssiiignnnn

nightmare trip

talmor graphic

Creative Review - The design of Dieter Rams

graphic design

poster design

dieter rams

34 posters

lundgren lindqvist

braun design

design posters

cover design by Stephen Russ. Not a textile, but similar pattern to the beaded top that follows.

cover design

vintage book

penguin books

book covers

book design

penguin covers


graphic design

blanka selling

selling graphic

product scheckter

leading graphic

visual design

Speaking in tongues EP preordering

graphic design

design graphic

speaking in tongues

design poster

typographic poster

tongues ep

preordering aaron

poster designs

ep preordering

This way up! Verkehrshaus Luzern / Swiss Museum of Transport

graphic design

photo building structure

flickr photo

environmental graphics

photo sharing

museum showroom

museum webuildexhibits

Braun RT 20 tube radio by Tuusa, via Flickr Love...it does no more than it needs to and no less

graphic design

clean design

productdesign industrialdesign

braun design

industrial design

industrialdesign braun


graphic design

in graphics

015 poster

posters prints


graphics branding

abstract graphics


design arts

adrian newell

typography graphics

classic design

design inspire

aka kuro

Packaging: Inwear. I pinned this because I love this minimalist, structured packaging. It's simple, and I think it could be iconic for a clothing store.

blog milk

design graphic

branding packaging

packaging design clothing

inwear packaging

packaging inwear

inwear blogmilkblog

design packaging

milk blog

Penguin Modern Poets 24: Kenward Elmslie Kenneth Koch James Schuyler. Guest editor: John Ashbery. Penguin Books 1974 (1st printing). Cover photograph by Jean-Louis Bloch-Laine.

penguin books

design books

penguin book covers

books cover

Cover design by Paul Rand for Great issues in American History: a Documentary Record by Richard Hofstadter. New York: Vintage Books, 1958.

vintage books

1958 book

books 1958

book covers

book cover design

by David Pearson

graphic design

cover design


on liberty

flickr photo

david pearson

design poster

book covers

History Dutch Graphic Design

exhibition poster

design exhibition

dutch design graphic

posters graphics covers

dutch graphic design