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    These are the hair rollers I had when I was a child. So hard to sleep in!

    • Kyla Justus

      Pink Sponge Hair Rollers. Remember sleeping on these Saturday nights so my hair would be curly on Sunday

    • Billie Slone

      Oh yes l remember these things, they were like some sort of torture devise lol yep my mom along w/many other moms used these pink sponge rollers on us & we'd have 2 keep them in overnight! NOT comfortable & then when we woke up we looked like Shirley Temple lol

    • Courtney Gaddis Tanner

      These are the hair rollers I had when I was a child! These will always be a huge part of my childhood memories!

    • Barbara Helms

      Ah, pink sponge rollers... I remember stealing these from @Jennifer Daniel and getting them stuck in my hair when i was little

    • Wendy Rasmussen

      The pink sponge roller. I can remember my mom using these all the time! Soft enough to sleep in on Saturday night!

    • Lorri Watson

      Pink sponge rollers- I remember when my mom would make me wear these before holidays and pictures.

    • Angela Ashurst-Mcgee

      Pink sponge roller. oh, I remember these from my girlhood. makes a soft pillow for Saturday night.

    • Christina Cobb

      Stroll down memory lane, can remember having a head full if these prior to all my dance revues

    • Wendy Swift

      Pink sponge curlers ( I lost more hair to these things than I'd like to remember)

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