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Avon lipstick samples

I remember getting these stars on my papers in school! :)

This is how we had popcorn when I was a kid, and the butter would melt on the top!


Loved Slice!!

when Cracker Jacks had good prizes

Tooled leather handbags. All the girls HAD to have one!

When we had the dimmer switch on the floor.

Bugs Bunny and Witch Hazel Still my favorite Looney Tunes episodes!

This looks like my bike!

Sears Christmas Catalog 1975. I remember these toy stockings.

Another favourite doll of mine. i finally found a picture of her.. I loved this ballerina doll. wished i had one now!

1970s Marathon bar

Peter Pan records, with the little chime that told you when to turn the page in your storybook. :)

7-Up bottle. 1970s

Sugar Corn Pops


Gus and the Baby Ghost (1972) by Jane Thayer, Illustrated by Seymour Fleishman - Weekly Reader Vintage Childrens Book

Tomy wee waterfuls.

The original

Buttons and old display cart

Cover of the Sears Christmas Wish Book 1972.

1977 For The Love of Benji

dino sour eggs candy #80s