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    my favorite - "I gotta poop, yo" (from thedailywhat)

    Well, that’s a way to wake up…

    If this is how they would've taught biology in school I'm sure I would've paid a lot more attention...

    This made me laugh. Not afraid to admit it - I love my minivan!

    Nicely done, sir. Nicely done. (Yeah, I get all ragey, too, when I hear someone say that they're not going to vaccinate their children. Gaa! Do some REAL research in a REAL medical library, not on Faceyplace or Yahoo News.)

    of course how I feel and of course no offense to those of you with children.

    One of my new favorite comebacks! just learned about this haha

    Frogman. Winning the internet on a daily basis.

    Between Two Ferns with Jennifer Lawrence

    "I'm Flying!" "False: it's an illusion resulting from the height of the ship, and the wind"