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  • Judy Davis

    Catching lighting bugs! I always love catching lightning bugs when I was growing up. A wonderful childhood memory!

  • Lydd R.J.

    On my bucket list to catch fireflies!!

  • ~Singing A New Song~

    lightening bugs; I used to "catch" these and sit and watch them light up a summer night's sky in our front yard. Brings back memories.

  • Andrea Kwiatkowski

    Give Mason Jars (aka: lightning bug catchers!) to the flower girls to catch fireflies during the wedding reception! Fireflies lighting up the night

  • Cynthia Macri

    Firefly ... a childhood memory. How awesome is God who created this incredible insect?

  • Debbie Wallace

    Fireflys - we would put them in mason jars with holes in the lid and watch them light up! What fun on a summer night!

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Firefly's in a Mason jar. We used the metal lids and my mamaw always cut holes in the lid so the "lightening bugs" could breath.

Fireflies are a great educational tool and can provide a science lesson to children and adults right in their very own backyard or in a park nearby. He says, "If you have a penlight, you can sometimes lure a male big dipper by responding to his flash within the two seconds that he is hovering near you. Another way one can learn about fireflies is to catch them and observe their flash patterns in a jar. #FireFly #education .

lightening bug- remember trying to catch them as a kid and put in a jar!

Catching lightening bugs out in the yard at night. (I am beyond ready for Summer so we can do this again. This winter is awful!)

summers are meant to be wasted away, to do nothing with

Lightning bugs or fireflies are not flies and neither are they bugs, but they are beetles that can produce lights. Lightning bugs can light up during all stages of their lives, including larvae and pupae. In some species of lightning bugs, the eggs glow as well!

It’s the perfect time to get outside and encounter the insect icon of summertime: the firefly!

Sitting on the front porch with your sweetheart, being serenaded by crickets, and watching the light show given by the lightening bugs...

This is the lid of the vaseline jar that was in my nursery as a child. My mom just kept refilling the same jar. I think she still might have it. This made me smile.