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The Pet's Smarty : Healthiest Dog Breeds

the coloring was done by angels

The oh so adorable Shiba Inu

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As fantasias nerds mais maneiras para os seus bichinhos!

Shiba Inu smile.

Zepp does this same thing! Love his ear flutters and smile :)

Tara Kita. Shiba Inu.

Tara Kita. Shiba Inu.

images for australian cattle dogs - Google Search

2 thing run rampant in my family.Fords and Blue Healers!

Dog Says "NO" To Kisses - Hilarious

Mariko-chan don't want your kisses aka funniest dog in the world

【イギリス反応】〜秋田犬、飼い主の命を救う〜 : 海外反応!クールジャパン

Do Shiba Inus Shed? Yes, Shiba Inus shed. They shed very little compared to other small sized dogs in the dogs, and only a little bit throughout the year.


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