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  • Kim Bolzenthal

    better use of egg carton to start plants

  • Sarah Moore

    After my seedlings failed in egg cartons, I wish I would of seen this pin! "Fill the bottom with potting soil, add seed, and place carton in dish with water. The carton will soak up water as needed." #seedlings #start #seeds #garden #plants #diy #cheap #spring

  • Sharon Hanks

    START SEEDLINGS IN PAPER EGG CARTONS -- fill with potting soil and seed starting mix

  • Laura Thorson

    Non-Styrofoam egg cartons as seed starters - fill the bottom with potting soil and the top with seed starting mix

  • Nate Domagalski

    Alternate method to use egg cartons as seed trays. Fill the bottom with potting soil and the top with seed starting mix.

  • Mikayla Foreman

    Seedling trays from egg cartons. If you use the whole thing like this, it's actually deep enough for the roots.

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