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    Lucia Saint of Light

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    order book and receive video free or just order downloadable video for 4.99 Also there is a free download of the st Lucia carol in english

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observing saint lucia's day. may yours be as warm and bright. ♥

St. Lucia - In Sweden, Christmas begins with the annual Saint Lucia Day on December 13. Lucia herself was Christian and died for her faith. The December 13 holiday honors her. Usually, the eldest girl in the family portrays St Lucia, puts on a white robe in the morning and is allowed to wear a crown full of candles. She serves her parents Lucia buns and coffee or mulled wine.

Swedish Lucia 1939 - Dec. 13th St. Luzia {Lucia} of Sicily, patron Saint of Eyes #catholicism

Can't wait for Dec 13th! This girl also reminds me a bit of Julia

This would be the perfect plate to wake up to...nevermind the fact cookies are supposedly not for breakfast lol.

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St. Lucia Day. She who brings light.

The wonderful traditions of 'The Feast of St Lucia' fill Sweden on December 13th.