TO: Salumeria, Roma, Italia

Smoked Meat in shop Window, Siena, Tuscany, Italy – Image © R. Ian Lloyd / Creative Stock Photos, Vectors and Illustrations for Web, Mobile and Print


Pillars, The Vatican, Roma

Rome, Italy

Storefront- Formaggi Cheese store in Rome, Italy

Famous for its wines, cheeses, and the white truffles of Alba, Langhe is the wine growing region of Piedmont, northern Italy.


Trattoria Terranova, Sorrento, Italy

Italian Wine Regions Map: Want to visit an Italian winery someday, this is a map of wines grown in Italy.

The Forum, Rome - Province of Rome lazio

Bologna, Italy

Streets of Rome, Italy

Roma Venezia, Italia

Orvieto, Italy

St Peters Basilica, Vatican City, Italy Rome Lazio

Lake Como, Italy

Would make a cute storefront...

Italian Lakes, c. 1930

Dolceacqua, Liguria, Italy