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One of my faves! Have plants in the front yard and love seeing them bloom every spring! bleeding hearts dicentra

Bleeding hearts-delicate beauty dipping into the ink black stream/I have a pink and white one! ♥

bleeding heart~ one of my favorite flowers :)

Bleeding Hearts.. I had a bush of these flowers when I was young♥ If you break them open at the bottom a really pretty heart will be formed in the stems inside!

Your dear one gave you the gift of love and that gift lives within you now and forever, nourishing your heart.

Bleeding Hearts - want these

My mother use to get so upset with my sister and I when we would "pop" the bleeding hearts before they bloomed.

Wish I could remember the little story that goes behind this gem of a bloom . . . very heart warming

Bleeding heart by Twostar K. this was one of Grandma Phillips' favorite plants. i can remember her outside by it.

Bleeding lovely! Reminds me of my Grandmother's house.

Bleeding hearts and lilies of the valley! These flowers look beautiful together and sound legit together as well!!