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What Do Robins Eat in the Wintertime - slideshow

baby robins hatching

Nesting American Robins - Maine. This is a very sweet video of a robin feeding her young. Fascinating to watch.

Infographic: Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Birds 1

Bug Observation Freebie

10 apps and websites helping kids learn bird identification, by bird color, bird size, bird songs, bird call, … Wonderful interactive and multimedia science tools for kids and adults to learn about birds.

Printable Backyard Birds Checklist: How many of these birds can you spot in your backyard?

citizen science - slideshow for robins

Feeding adaptations in beaks

Slideshow: Welcome Spring! The Earthworms and Robins Return

Bat Facts Fold and Learn.....fun stuff to learn about bats and other nocturnal animals to lead up to Halloween

Mrs. Stensland's eat a whole plant activity!

Hello Robins! Hello Spring! Read-with-Me booklet and slideshow

baby robins

There's not a grade too big for a word wall. I will have a wall of words we will discover and words we already figured out!

Demonstrate pollination with Cheetos -- too smart!

Do you love to bird watch or do birding with your kids? Great resources and ideas for birding including tips for how to find birds and books for bird identification.

baby robins

Animal Adaptations Poster Design for Upper Elementary FREEBIE

Robins and the Seasons - the Annual Cycle

Winter robin in snow