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What Do Robins Eat in the Wintertime - slideshow

Winter robins eat berries.

Winter robin finds berries to eat

Annual Cycle: month-by-month, where are robins and what are they doing? Slideshow and teaching ideas

citizen science - slideshow for robins

Slideshow: Welcome Spring! The Earthworms and Robins Return

Hello Robins! Hello Spring! Read-with-Me booklet and slideshow

baby robins

Leaving the Nest: Summer School for Fledglings - slideshow, photo gallery, teaching ideas

Wild Bird Food : What Do Robins Eat? - YouTube

Building a Robin Nest

Winter robin in snow

Robins Eggs

Spring Robin Study - Bird Challenge @HBNatureStudy using the Outdoor Hour Challenge.

baby robins hatching

Bird Migration Map, Western Hemisphere

"Spring Grove Swan" by Mark Dumont on Flickr. Photo taken at the Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati, Ohio.

House wren in flowers

Female Oriole in Pine Tree, Colorado Springs

The perfection of these duck prints! 19 Gorgeous Photographs Of Wild Animals During Winter Time | DeMilked

Baby Canada Goose