one is for eating, one is for ruling the seven seas! (The Big Bang Theory) makes me laugh every time....

Sheldoned again!

Hahaha! You can't help but to like "The Big Bang Theory." #humor #laughter #big_bang_theory #sheldon

Big Bang Theory


20 Ways Cory And Topanga Gave You Unrealistic Expectations About Relationships- i just can't wait to watch girl meets world every day so i can see them again.

Big Bang theory! :)

Tis line cracks me up every time!!

Roommate Agreement from Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory - this is one of my favorite moments! -I laughed so hard during this scene. Especially when Sheldon comes out with all the gift baskets.


The Big Bang Theory

I love Penny & Sheldon

Big Bang!

Cutest and sweetest thing ever.

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon on Pride and Prejudice. Love it!

Eu sou muito inteligente. Você não acha que se eu estivesse errado eu não saberia.

Sheldon: "I recently had a dream that I was a giant, but everything around me was to scale." Leonard: "If everything was to scale, how did you know you were a giant?" Sheldon: "I was wearing size 1 million pants." - The Big Bang Theory