Fraction foldable: great idea!

Visual to help teach fractions

fractions on a number line

Fractions anchor chart - simplify for 1st grade, but I like the vocabulary they include!

Fractions in first grade activities - building fraction flowers - match the right petal to the right flower.. LOVE

color fractions

Inside of fraction flip book

Teaching Time-anchor chart connecting telling time to the quarter and half hour with fractions of a circle.

Fraction number lines show equivalent fractions.

Here's a clear set of directions and materials for making a place value flip book.

Interactive tool and foldable for studying angles.


Pizza Fractions Project!


Properties Foldable for Math Interactive Notebook- communicative associative distributive identity additive multlicative

Template to make a "fraction flipper" showing equivalent fractions/fractions that equal 1. Very cool!

Fractions > Fractions

Multiplication Strategies flip book


teaching time. this is BRILLIANT.

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