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  • Vicki Xericos

    There was a crazy cat lady whose house smelled really "piu." She had so many kitties, she did not know what to do. Thanks to Ikea, each now have their own nook. Thus, with animal control, she's now off the hook. :P

  • Lisa Jo

    New frim Ikea. ..Crazy Cat Lady organizer

  • Kittenfish

    cat lady organizer | Crazy cat lady organizer - Funny Pictures, Funny jokes and so much ...

  • Dina Quick

    Crazy Cat Lady Organizer - ROFLCAT - Funny Cat Pictures

  • Gemma Foy

    Ikea cat catlady

  • Jeffery Adkins

    Funny cat #funnycat #funny

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Haha! My baby girl insists she's going to be a crazy-cat-lady & proud of it!

Climb every mountain!! ..... ok well maybe a kitten attack isn't the worst thing that could happen...

* Well, yes, this is what we do all day while you're gone.

who knew a cat lady could be so....

Well this is odd . ..Gonna stuff Tommy when he dies for u and u can use him as a jewlery holder!!! LOL!!!!

crazy cat lady halloween costume...i'd probably wear this except i'm pretty sure this is my real life future destiny...

Correction. Availability can be measured by cats "No cats=Happily married. One cat=I have a boyfriend, he's alright. Three cats=I had a REALLY bad break up. Four or more?=FOREVER ALONE."