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KP • 1 year ago

Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions

  • Jill Vernon
    Jill Vernon • 1 year ago

    Love this idea, especially since my son has such a hard time with math. Although I wish there was a more "manlier" way to do it. :-)

  • Patricia Gonzalez-Alt

    I'm sorry, but I think this is an awful method to teach addition and subtraction. When students get into highschool, they do not understand that in order to operate with fractions, they have to add or subtract in the "same family", halves with halves, thirds with thirds, and so on. So please, be careful!!!! :)

  • Laura Koo
    Laura Koo • 1 year ago

    I teach HS math and I agree that it's important to to have a strong understanding of fractions and common multiples. But I am going to show this to my Algebra 2 class because I am always telling them how cool numbers are in the many ways they relate! Just for fun!

  • Michael White
    Michael White • 1 year ago

    Man, I wish they taught it this way when I was learning fractions. It's so easy and fun.

  • Andrea Sindle
    Andrea Sindle • 1 year ago

    @Rachel Nau... We could use the first part for comparing fractions. I agree with the comments about common multiples but comparing fractions is SUCH a HARD concept to 3rd ELLs (ESL) and I need something they can use for standardized testing!

  • Mike Treanor
    Mike Treanor • 1 year ago

    The most important thing to teach is that there are many ways to solve problems ... nice example of a cute one.

  • Nikki Jackson
    Nikki Jackson • 1 year ago

    After making a student understand the concept of common denominator this is a fun way of rounding up the topic by showing them a short cut....I love short cuts and I use them whenever I can. Its like the icing on the cake.

  • MariaJose Cassola
    MariaJose Cassola • 1 year ago

    You r nuts!!!!!

  • Toni Browning
    Toni Browning • 1 year ago

    Wish I knew this before FCAT!

  • Karen Donoghue
    Karen Donoghue • 1 year ago

    What a creative way!

  • Amy Young
    Amy Young • 1 year ago

    friggin hate fractions lol

  • Heather Wallace
    Heather Wallace • 1 year ago

    @Kimberly Smith and @Anthony Wallace here you go some of that new math

  • Malia Manalo
    Malia Manalo • 1 year ago

    I still have some kiddos that don't get adding and subtracting fractions ... it's another way of doing it, gonna show it to them and see if any of them understand it with this method!?

  • Pam McConnell
    Pam McConnell • 1 year ago

    I homeschool and I love the fun side of this theory, but it is dangerous to use it as an exclusive means to solving fractional equations. They WILL need to know how to determine common denominators later in school. Another danger, that would apply to my son, is if he thought he knew a short cut he would apply it all the time, even for problems that would need done the traditional way. He will do anything to make his math "easier", hence he would only remember the "short cut". I'm no mathematician; I too struggle with, but the simpler way would make it more difficult later. I agree it could be used after fractions are mastered as a quicker solution.

  • Keelee Mitchel
    Keelee Mitchel • 1 year ago

    Always good to have several strategies on hand for someone who just doesn't quite understand

  • Elizabeth D
    Elizabeth D • 1 year ago

    I don't think you do any favors by teaching a trick without the real understanding. And, it takes repetition, again and again.

  • David Barzaga
    David Barzaga • 34 weeks ago

    It reminds me of my school days.