The Notebook


Love Quotes--Become a Love Magnet with "52 Romantic Things To Do" LOVE LIGHT 2 YOUR SOULS

pretty much sums it all up!

I <3 Edna.


kisses! what always happen when you are about to take a picture of the kids and tell one of them to give the other one a kiss

P.s. I love you <3 I Love this movie!

The Notebook

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Sweet Home Alabama favorite quote (:

We are all imperfect, but real love is loving that imperfect person & not wanting improvements in order to love that person, and at the same time inspires you to encourage him to be the best person he can be and he enjoys and supports your own journey of becoming the best version of yourself...

Extraordinary love

Im in love with these vows

Love - A Walk to Remember and yes I know it comes from corinthians

This is from the movie, Meet Joe Black.

My favorite quote. it always makes me think too hard about life, love, and losses. I'll always remember what I let go.

Be Fabulous ..