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White Strawberry-Lemon Sangria

Sweet C's Designsfrom Sweet C's Designs

The Tastiest (& easiest) White Sangria & Virgin Sangria

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THE BEST sangria -1 bottle moscato, white table wine, or white zin.,-1 bottle sparkling white wine or champagne, -3 oz peach schnapps. Optional: Mint, basil. Wash all fruit & slice thin. Leave peels on for color & delicious flavor!Pour in wine & stir.Slowly pour in sparkling drink, peach schnapps, herbs.Refrigerate, covered, for at least 3 hours.Serve over ice and enjoy!!

Lemon Tree Dwellingfrom Lemon Tree Dwelling

Strawberry Peach Sangria

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White wine sangria with fresh sliced peaches and strawberries - a beautifully delicious summer drink!

The Weary Cheffrom The Weary Chef

Easy Strawberry-Peach White Sangria

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Easy Strawberry Peach White Sangria from @The Weary Chef - sounds like the PERFECT spring/summer cocktail! :)

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Hopeless domestic: Raspberry Tequila Sangria

Real Housemomsfrom Real Housemoms

Spiked Strawberry Shortcake

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Spiked Strawberry Shortcake | Real Housemoms | #cocktail This tastes just like a strawberry shortcake!

Kitchen Treatyfrom Kitchen Treaty

Individual White Berry Lemon Sangrias (Yes, Sangria in a Jar!)

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Sangria in a jar | Kitchen Treaty

One Sweet Messfrom One Sweet Mess

Raspberry Moscato Sangria

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Raspberry Moscato Sangria #cocktail_recipes #cocktail_party #cocktail_drink_ideas

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Red White Blue Sangria by Jami, xoimagine #Sangria #Patriotic #Red_White_Blue

Food & Winefrom Food & Wine

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Dry white wine, watermelon, vodka, Cointreau, citrus syrup // More Summer Fruit Cocktails: #foodandwine

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White Sangria | Full Fork Ahead

TreeHuggerfrom TreeHugger

Raspberry and Serrano Sangri­a

Cookout Sangria

Summer Cookout

Raspberry Sangria

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Great for a pool party.For me no extra sugar & no peppers.

Gimme Some Ovenfrom Gimme Some Oven

Rainbow Sangria

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Easy Summer Cocktails Recipes

This colorful rainbow sangria recipe is truly easy to make, and tastes just as beautiful as it looks!

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White wine sangria with berries and raspberry vodka, plus 3 more sangria recipes.

pretty plain janesfrom pretty plain janes

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Fall Sangria - Chardonnay, honeycrisp apples, oranges, cinnamon, and a splash of club soda. YUM.

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Sutter Home White Zin. Laura’s Sangria (big batch!) -Sutter Home White Zinfandel – 1 bottle (750ml) -1 cup peach schnapps -1/2 cup vodka -2 cups white cranberry peach juice -Fruit ice cubes (add slices of peaches, strawberries, oranges, etc into your ice cube trays, fill with water & freeze) Combine ingredients over fruited ice & serve out of a drink dispenser or pitchers

The Kitchnfrom The Kitchn

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These all look good! Watermelon Sours in a Watermelon Keg, Summer Sangria, Blueberry Lavender Mojito, Pink Lemonade Margarita, Vootbeer, Watermelon Margarita, Tequila Sangria, Ginger Cranberry Cocktail

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Pomegranate and Orange Sangria, perfect beverage for holiday entertaining!

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Puerto Rican Red Sangria (Sangria Rojo Puertorriqueño) | Care2 Share