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What NOT TO DO When Being Bullied At Work

What NOT TO DO When Bullied At Work

Bullying in the Workplace Poster: WORKPLACE BULLYING IS NOT OK... "If you think somebody's starting to bully you, don't ignore it." I know people who did and they suffered mightily for not doing something EARLY AND OFTEN to stop the bullying and the mobbing in its tracks.

YES, bullies DO exist at work, both female AND male bullies are out there! Those bullies WILL affect your health!! Bullying is an awful thing and bullies are POWER HUNGRY !! They LOVE hurting their victim !! Do NOT allow them to get away with this. They use their bullying techniques in hope of intimidating and scaring you. STAND UP AND SPEAK UP !! Just remember, it's the BULLY that has the problem, NOT you !! of the most comprehensive sites on bullying, especially adult bullying, you will find anywhere. It began as a site about workplace bullying, but expanded to cover so many aspects of the subject until it could take you days to read all that is here, depending on the subject thread you pursue. You may just find, if you are one of the bullied, you are neither "oversensitive" (one of the terms bullies love to use to cover for themselves)

Statistics show that most reasonable people will take so much bullying at work until the emotional and physical effects of it start to really wear them down. Then it is either time to fight it or leave it. Most will leave and look for work elsewhere to get away from the bully at work. One thing you can do is to learn how to "Rise Above The Workplace Bully" You can learn that here.