i get that ALL the time


I always make people guess. If you're rude enough to ask, I'm going to embarress you by making you guess.

Short People Problems

Short People Problems

Short People Problem #66: "You're like, really short". "Thanks, I had no idea".

Short girl problems

Short People Problem #158

I hate when people say that

@Sarah Olivares

Short People Problem #144 by carmela

Short People Problems

this year I got rammed into the wall at least 12 times and pushed into someone at least 5 and nocked over people at least twice. I'm not invisible people!!!

Short People Problems

Short People Problem #47: we're the sneaky, speedy ones. now you see us, now ya don't!

This is my life!

short people problems

totally, happens at church all the time. and its always old people who give me a hug. and they smell like oatmeal