When I grow up, I want to live here.

Yellow Victorian house in San Francisco

Beautiful turquoise Victorian house Not really sure about the color....

That green door is the perfect amount of pop!


Victorian hidden in the trees #House ~~love the house and the #Dream Houses #Dream Home| http://littledreamhouses875.blogspot.com

There is something so, so eye-catching cool about this tangerine and lime green hued Victorian house. #house #Victorian #green #orange #porch

Old victorian mansion in Sacramento, California, USA

* ✿ ¸. ◦ * ‘`* ✿* ✿ ¸. ◦ * ‘`* ✿ Victorian home with square tower.

la maison d'Emmanuelle..the dream house of a woman who wanted to change her life. she bought this house in Soloange and created her own fairy tale.

Victorian house

Pink houses for you and for me!!


Now THIS is a dream home

Victorian house in Montreal, Canada. #love #victorian #architecture #canihave #wanttolivethereplease

Pink and gray can be so pretty. This house facade is decorated like a wedding cake and the colors look great on it!