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Minimalist. Life-paced. Full-blooded western. Bleak, yet visually sumptuous.

Meek's Cutoff

Submarine - 05.01.2012

Meeks Cutoff - KR

Meeks Cutoff - KR

Kelly Reichardt

Brideshead Revisited (04.2012)

The Artist - 29.01.2012

The Trip -14.01.2012

wendy and lucy - Kelly Reichardt

Drive - 10.01.2012

Zenne - 15.01.2012

The Tree of Life - 14.01.2012

Chernobyl Diaries (01.07.2012)

Where the Lilies Bloom

In Meek’s Cutoff, director Kelly Reichardt presents an image of how the West was probably won — not with cowboys, six-shooters and bravado but by the strength and resolve of women going into the wilderness on foot with their families.

Wendy and Lucy- Kelly Reichardt


I'll bite your ankles!

I´m not sure native americans looked that good in the 18th century...anyway capture me, please ;-)

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