Egyptian Goddess Hathor, represented by a celestial cow or a crown of horns with a disc.  Isis eventually took this crown as well.

Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of joy, motherhood, love and also music is sometimes represented as a cow clad in stars. She is another powerful mother figure with beautiful temples and statuary erected in her honor.

*This Falcon was named ''horus'' *Horus had many different forms He was the brother of Osiris Set and Nephthys

this is an example of the iconography of the Horus Falcon. this specific design was created by TigerHouseArt. it was titled Ancient Egyptian Falcon Art.

Setting of the sun in Hathor Temple at Dendera. A winged setting sun is swallowed by the sky goddess Nut on the astronomical ceiling in the outer hypostyle hall of the Hathor Temple at Dendera.

Hathor, The Golden One by on @deviantART

Sekhmet - warrior goddess and a patron of healers, as both a creative and destructive force; but above all, she is the protector of Ma’at (balance or justice)

isis | Isis | El Templo de Isis

ISIS: Alchemy Isis, queen of the sky, the earth and the moon, is one of the most enigmatic goddesses in history. Like any female deity she was associated with motherhood and fertility, but her primary domains were magic and healing.

The Egyptian Goddess of Love Hathor

The Egyptian Goddess Of Love Hathor Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Emhotep Richards

“Cerridwen’s themes are fertility, creativity, harvest, inspiration, knowledge and luck. Her symbols are the cauldron, pigs and grain. The Welsh mother Goddess, Cerridwin also embodies …

Goddess Cerridwen

The Magician in the Animals Divine Tarot. Deck by Lisa Hunt, published in 2005 by Llewellyn.

Oya Goddess of Darkness, The Wind and The Dead

Essence of Oya - Goddess Ritual Oil - pagan wiccan witchcraft magick ritual supplies

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Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, magic, and fertility. She isalso known as the protector of the dead and goddess of children


" Words of Isis inscribed at the Temple of Sais. Isis is my personal favorite. The goddess I always idolized.

Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmi, Goddess of fortune, prosperity, wealth, abundance!