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Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Because of Fifty Shades of Grey, I am now using the term 'hard limit' for all of the things that I do not want to do.


For all myvfellow teacher peeps! Here's to hoping your students appreciate you more than the government does.

My Ex? Yeah I'd still hit that... with a bus.

Hahahah there are a few other people's exes I would hit with a bus.

Thanks for ignoring all my calls and texts while updating your Facebook multiple times from your cell phone.

aw i miss aim those were the days so simple yet so addicting from grade til college always had to be up.hated when aol dialup use to kick me off :p i remember i was so excited in college to be able to leave it up all the time haha nostalgia

Yeah so don't flatter yourself ;) haha

Ecard: If sex between 3 people is a threesome and between 2 people is a twosome. Now I understand why people call you handsome.

Oh yes!! Gentleman in the street and Christian Grey is the sheets

Every girl wants a gentleman in the street and a Christian Grey in the sheets.

haha.....but only without all the sadomasochism stuff...and this makes me inner goddess do Kartwheels ;-)

My new life plan is to stumble into every office of a CEO until I find Christian Grey lol

On a scale of one to Christian Grey, how good was he? Fifty Shades

On a scale of one to Christian Grey, how good was he? Lol, Fifty Shades of Grey.

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For my besties!Funny Friendship Ecard: When I said you were my best friend, I meant that you are the only person on earth who knows almost everything about me and you better keep your whore mouth closed.